Fire Damage Photo Gallery

Fire in Bathroom in Falls Church, VA

In Falls Church, VA a fire started in the bathroom due to a hair blow dryer being left plugged in after the owners left for work. Always remember to unplug non-essential electronics when they are not actively being used.

Fire in Falls Church, VA

In Falls Church, VA a fire started in the bathroom of an apartment just because the hair dryer was left plugged in. Remember to always unplug anything that is not being actively used for the safety of your family and home.

Fire in Commercial Building

SERVPRO of Annandale-Falls Church is here to help in any fire remediation. From homes to commercial properties, we are here to help. We will get the area clean and safe with very little down time.

House Fire in McLean VA

Customer in McLean, VA had a fire in their basement due to a 3-D printer malfunctioning. The result of this fire in the basement cause significant smoke and soot damage throughout the entire home. We were able to bring this house to an acceptable clean and the family was very happy with the result.

House Fire in Arlington

House fire in Arlington, VA caused by a defective microwave. While the fire was contained to the kitchen area smoke and soot permeated the entire home requiring a full pack out and cleaning of their contents.

Fire Damage in Falls Church, VA

A Rec Center in Falls Church, VA had major structural damage due to an electrical fire. Our SERVPRO employees were able to remove the parts of the structure that were damaged and get the area back to a clean standard.

Fire Remediation in Alexandria,VA

SERVPRO of Annandale-Falls Church was called out to perform Fire Remediation in Alexandria, VA after a kitchen had caught fire. Our team helped to clean the house and made it safe to enter.

Affected Area Before Kitchen Fire in Alexandria, VA

This rec room was damaged by soot and smoke after a kitchen fire in Alexandria, VA. We were able to clean all of the contents and restore the room back to it’s original condition.

Staging area at a fire

This is the equipment staging area at an Alexandria Virginia fire restoration job. By assembling a staging area we not only ensure we have all materials needed to perform the restoration, it is easily accessible in a generalized area to the SERVPRO crews to minimize time spent gathering supplies and maximize crew efficiency.